How To Recover/Reset A Lost Hotmail Password?

Reset Hotmail Password: It’s not a big deal if you have forgotten your Hotmail password. If you are unable to login Hotmail, there are chances that either you have forgotten your password or someone hacked into your account.

Don’t be sad because you can still recover it. All you have to do is just follow our guide below step by step.

Reset Hotmail Password Step By Step Guide

Method 1: Get back your account using Phone or Alternate email address which you must have provided while registering

Step 1) First, open the link

In the interface displayed, choose the form of recovering your account, such as:

  • I forgot my password: forgot your password.
  • I know my password and Windows Live ID, but can’t sign in: you know your password and account name, but you can’t sign in.
  • I think someone else is using my Windows Live ID: you suspect this account had been hacked.



Step 2) You have to click on the link “Reset your password

Step 3) Now enter your username or your phone into the Windows Live ID field, enter the code in the Character box and click Next.

Step 4) Now select Email me a text link. Password recovery link will be sent to secondary email that you provided when you registered, click on the link to set a new password and log in to mailbox as normal.

Method 2: Restore the password when you only remember some basic information

If you can’t recover the password with way recommended above, you can still use the help of Windows Live to recover your password.

First, open the link

Now you have to click Continue twice.

  • Step 1: Enter an email address that can be contacted in the empty box at the Contact email address, then click Continue.
  • Step 2: Enter the ID of the Windows Live/Hotmail account then click Continue.
  • Step 3: In the next step, you are asked to complete personal information when registering an account. You enter the full name, date of birth, country,…

The information in the fields marked with a star are mandatory and If you do not remember any of the information, simply enter I do not remember.

If you are using PC and have used it to access the mailbox which was lost, then, this is such valuable information to help you recover your account. Access to determine the IP address of the computer and enter this number into the box Your IP address.

For Hotmail account, you can enter the name of a friend in your phonebook, headlines of some emails you’ve received,…

After that, click Continue and wait for the searching process and verify the information

  • Step 4: Write PIN code which is provided and tick the box Checking this box verifies that you have written down your PIN… Enter your PIN and click Submit.

Now Microsoft will test out all the information you provided and if then think you are the legitimate user a password reset link will be emailed to the mail address you provided and if not then you may go to their forum and discuss your problem further with the professionals.

If you still have some doubts in the methods described above you can comment below to get your problem solved,


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